Liverpool unites to make biggest brain in the world

The largest human image of a brain in support of World Encephalitis Day. Credit: Liverpool University

In all 687 people took part in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record of the largest human image of a brain. The record was clearly beaten as the previous one stood at 250 people, official confirmation will come in the following days.

Why would hundreds of people stand out in the rain shaped like a brain?

Well the record was set in support of the World Encephalitis Day, a day promoting awareness of the deadly disease.

In Liverpool the oldest participant was 83 years old and the youngest only 1 month, with people from over 40 countries participating.

This diversity reflects the indiscriminate nature of the illness that can strike adults and children alike, showing no respect for age, gender, ethnic origin or culture.

Encephalitis is an inflammation of the brain, usually caused by infection.

Mortality rates are high and in those who survive many are left with an acquired brain injury, the degree and severity of which will vary.

Their difficulties may include cognitive, physical, emotional, behavioural, or psychosocial consequences.

The event in Liverpool was just one of many organised all over the world to show support for the day, and to highlight the devastating effects of Encephalitis.