Burglar guilty of murdering Bolton widower

Frank Worsley, pictured with his late wife, Mary, who died in September 2012. Credit: Greater Manchester Police

A burglar has been convicted of murdering an an elderly widower whose home he ransacked for money to buy drugs.

Frank Worsley died from a stroke less than three weeks after being battered by burglar Daniel Crompton, Manchester Crown Court heard.

Earlier in the trial, jurors looked visibly shocked as Mr Worsley's 999 call was played to the court as he begged the operator: "Help me please. He's hit me and beaten me and attacked me and taken my wallet."

He had been awoken by Crompton, 24, standing over him in bed before being punching in the face with demands to say where he kept his money, the jury were told.

Mr Worsley had lived at the mid-terrace house on Longfield Road in Daubhill, Bolton, with his wife Mary, since 1949, and had put extra locks on doors after they were burgled in 2010.

His wife died in late 2012 after suffering multiple sclerosis, and he was living alone when he was burgled by Crompton on August 3 last year.

Crompton, from Bolton, who has 42 previous convictions, admitted the burglary, plus a second burglary hours before, but had denied the murder and an alternate count of the manslaughter of Mr Worsley.

As the verdict was given, Crompton broke down in tears and said sorry to his family.