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Wirral CC bowl media over after being all out for three

Wirral's home ground Photo: Wirral Cricket Club

The players at Wirral Cricket Club have found themselves making the sports pages everywhere from Seacombe to Sydney after being bowled out for three against Haslington Cricket Club.

The team managed only one run off the bat, from their number 11, with the other two runs coming from leg byes.

The result saw Wirral CC tweet several ex-England players, including Andrew Flintoff and David Lloyd for help, and even drew a response from Piers Morgan, who confessed his form was too good to let him turn out for them.

The performance has made the cricket pages of the Telegraph, the Guardian and even gone as far as Channel 9 in Sydney.

Wirral have taken the coverage in great spirit, with their opponents as suprised at the media attention as they were.