Siblings remember their brother Steven Joseph Robinson who died at Hillsborough

Steven Joseph Robinson

Steven Robinson from Blundellsands was just 17 when he died at Hillsborough. His parents’ statement was read by his younger brother Peter.

He was the middle child of five, and went to Sacred Heart High school in Crosby gaining eight GCSEs before attending Riverside College where he was studying for vehicle maintenance and repair, auto electrical, city and guild level 2 certificate.

After leaving school he was employed by North West Buses in Bootle as an apprentice auto electrician. It was his ambition in the end to join Merseyside Police.

He loved music, in particular the Human League.

His mum Rose and dad Bernie remembered Steven as a typical boy, often in mischief for a real lovable rogue.

"He was very handsome and funny and had a real wicked sense of humour. He loved football music and was a real car shark. He was very popular with his friends and had a lovely girlfriend Clare, who really doted on him."

Steven's siblings all had their own say about the brother they lost at Hillsborough.

Steven's big sister Tracey said: "I was seven when he came along. He was very charismatic from a very early age, very cheeky, big blue eyes and always had a lot to say."

His little sister Claire added, "I was only 12 when Steven died. My nickname for Steven was Gel Head as I’d always find him in front of the mirror gelling his hair to perfection."

His older brother Paul said: "Steven was two years my junior, he was a real lads’ lad and acted a lot older than his age. He dressed immaculately never had a hair out of place and was certainly no stranger to the mirror. He modelled his look on a mix of the Fonz from Happy Days and Danny from Grease."

Brother Peter added: "I always remember Steven as a real character growing up. He used to regularly tease me as older brothers do. He wasn’t really that into playing football until I started playing.

"I’ve got fond memories of him training me as a goalkeeper on the front grass in the garden, although we had to watch for my dad before he came back from work, as we used to wreck the front grass. but it was like playing on Wembley is was good.

Peter had to compose himself as he remembered a present he got for his twelfth birthday.

"Steven got me the one present I had always wanted. He took me to Anfield in the Kop for my first ever live match. He also took me on a tour of Anfield later that years. There is a picture that I still cherish of me and Steven by the This Is Anfield sign.

"We all as kids had a great time growing up and Steven was a big part of that. I miss you."