Conservative MP Nadine Dorries has told how her working class roots in Liverpool left her "rooted in reality".

The colourful MP, who represents mid-Bedforshire, has written a novel inspired by her experiences of life in Anfield in the 1950s.

Dorries, who famously appeared on ITV's I'm a Celebrity, returned to the streets of her youth - and the home of Liverpool FC - with Granada's political correspondent Daniel Hewitt.

Some people say to me that MPs probably need to spend a week on a council estate. I don't don't need to spend a week on a council estate, I spent 26 years on one.

It was tough, money ran out before the end of the week. I remember mums getting scraps of food together and cooking it all in a big pan to feed the kids on the street because it was Wednesday and pay day wasn't until Thursday.