Brother-in-law of IS hostage 'scared' by airstrikes on Syria

Alan Henning in Syria Credit: FCO

The brother-in-law of a British hostage being held by Islamic State militants says he is scared by US airstrikes in Syria.

Alan Henning, from Salford, was kidnapped on on 27th December last year while delivering aid.

Overnight the US and five Arab allies launched the first airstrikes against the militants inside Syria.

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His brother-in-law Colin Livesey, speaking publicly for the first time, told ITV News he feared what would happen to Mr Henning during the airstrikes.

Mr Livesey said: "It scares me. They'll just run away, they'll take him with them, and no one knows where he is again.

"Maybe it'll work, maybe it won't, but I can't see it happening. I can't see anything changing while there's airstrikes. But I'm hoping and praying it does some good, and they realise he's a kind man and they'll release him sooner rather than later."

When asked if he thought the airstrikes put his brother-in-law at more risk Mr Livesey said: "Yes. I don't like saying that because it'll feel like I'm losing faith."

Mr Livesey also paid tribute to Alan Henning and his family.

"He's a loving husband and a loving father to two beautiful kids", he said. "He's just an amazing, amazing guy."

"To miss his own family's Christmas to do what he's done, speaks volumes to what kind of man he is, which is an amazing bloke."