Wirral woman discovers her husband is a bigamist

Maurice Gibney guilty of bigamy Credit: Cavendish

A woman from Wirral discovered her husband of 17 years had secretly married another woman in a lavish beach wedding after she saw him kissing his new bride on Facebook.

Yvonne Gibney, 55, found photos of Maurice Gibney, 49, from Hoylake cuddling teacher Suzanne Prudhoe during a £45,000 ceremony in Oman after investigating gossip about his love life.

Wirral magistrates court heard Maurice Gibney who works as a senior contractor for Oman Oil had spun a web of lies claiming that he had divorced Yvonne Gibney, telling his family and Miss Prudhoe they had kept it secret for the sake of their children.

Suzanne Prudhoe Credit: Cavendish

Yvonne Gibney told the court:

Maurice Gibney pleaded guilty to bigamy. He was sentenced to six months in prison suspended for two years.