Exclusive - parents call for surveillance cameras after son abused by care worker

Zak Rowlands - his care worker has been jailed for physical abuse Credit: Lancashire Police

The parents of a severely disabled teenager who was physically abused by his care worker say cameras must now be placed in the rooms of all vulnerable people in care. 19 year old Zak Rowlands cannot talk and has learning difficulties.

When his mum suspected he was being ill-treated, she hid a camera at his residential home in Lancashire owned by the well-known Priory Group.

It revealed shocking images of Zak being hit on the head and being called a 'stupid boy' by his care worker Stanley Nkenka.

Zak's parents were devastated by the footage saying it left them heartbroken and feeling guilty. Zak's mum Julie says she feels "profoundly guilty because I should have been there to protect him. And I wasn't."

"I just think it's a really sad indictment of the society that we live in that we've got to have cameras in place to protect vulnerable people."

Zak Rowland's mum, Julie says he is extremely vulnerable and cannot protect himself from harm. She says they became worried when Zak started to raise his arms and flinch when people made sudden movements around him. Julie and her husband Paul decided to install a camera to check what was happening to their son. The surveillance picked up Stanley Nkenka, 35, hitting the teenager on the back of the head and then threatening to hit him again if he got out of bed.

36 year old Nkenka pleaded guilty to the ill treatment of a person without mental capacity and was jailed for six months.

19 year old Zak Rowlands Credit: ITV Granada

His parents are now calling for surveillance cameras to be put in all rooms in homes to protect vulnerable people in care.

The home at Oxen Barn, Lancashire is privately run by the Priory Group. It's a specialist home for adults who have autistic spectrum disorders and severe learning difficulties. Today the Priory Group issued this statement in response to Nkenka's sentence.