Prime Minster refuses to rule out coalition with UKIP

David Cameron visiting Upton Heath Primary School in Chester on Monday Credit: PA Images

The Prime Minister has refused to rule out a deal with UKIP leader Nigel Farage if he fails to win an overall majority at the General Election on 7th May.

In an exclusive interview for Party People, to be screened on ITV Granada tonight at 10.40, David Cameron said ‘I will always do what is right for the country'.

Mr Cameron has continually refused to enter any pact with UKIP ahead of polling but when asked who he will phone if he doesn’t get a majority he replied:

"I want to have a majority Conservative Government. Everyone knows with me - if I fall short I will always do what is right for the country- that is what I did last time."

In a wide ranging interview with Rob McLoughlin, the Prime Minister also refused to apologise for the 2012, £3 billion NHS reforms overseen by former Health Secretary Andrew Lansley, and described as ‘disastrous’ by the King’s Fund.

‘What the reforms have done is actually save £1.5 billion pounds every year’, adding ‘I'm happy we got rid of bureaucrats and administrators and put that money into doctors and nurses.'

Claiming a ‘Great Revival’ in the economy Mr Cameron said it wasn’t translating to a poll lead because: 'it takes time when you're recovering from the longest and deepest recession we have had in a century.'

'It takes time for people to feel the effects of an economy that is now growing more strongly than any of the other major economies and generating more jobs than the rest of Europe put together...I think people can see it now and increasingly feel it'.

He denied that the Tory brand remains ‘toxic’ to voters in parts of the North West with policies such as the so-called 'Bedroom Tax' and welfare reforms.

However, he agreed to examine the battle by 42-year old spina bifida victim Charlotte Carmichael from Southport who is in a wheelchair and now heading to the Supreme Court in a bid to stop her local council forcing her to pay £52 a month to keep her second bedroom, which she claims is essential.

Mr Cameron said the changes to the spare room subsidy were "a basic issue of fairness".

The programme is the second of four pre-General Election specials on ITV Granada. Ed Miliband appeared in the first and it is expected other leaders will appear in two specials to be shown in March.