General Election 2015: What to expect now the polls have closed

Votes being counted. Credit: Press Association.

10pm: Polls close - unless voters are already in a queue to cast their votes

Moments after the finals votes are cast, ITV will reveal the results of an exit poll from 20,000 voters, jointly commissioned by ITV, BBC and Sky

11pm: Sunderland is usually the first city to declare a result.

1am: Of the five seats expected to declare results, Nuneaton, a Conservative-held marginal seat and Dagenham, a Labour marginal seat, will prove the most crucial

2am: Around 40 seats are set to declare their results, including the once-safe Labour seat of Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath and the South Essex seat of Castle Point, which Ukip is hoping to snatch from the Tories

2.30am: City of Chester is usually among the first North West ballots to declare, closely followed by nearby Ellesmere Port and Neston.

David Cameron has visited Chester several times during the election. Credit: ITV News.

3.00am: The three Bolton counts - Bolton North East, Bolton South East and Bolton West expected to return their winners.

3:30am: Will Nigel Evans hold on to Ribble Valley? The result should be due about this time.

3:30am: Attention will turn to Grimsby, which Ukip has been hoping to swoop from Labour.

4:00am: The two constituencies of Blackpool due to return their results.

Andy Burnham, the shadow health secretary. Credit: Press Association.

4am: Andy Burnham's seat Leigh to declare.

4am: Ed Miliband's seat, Doncaster North, posts its results, as does Twickenham, which has been Vince Cable's since 1997

4:30am: Will Nick Clegg be able to keep Sheffield Hallam? A recent poll suggested that the Lib Dem leader would, thanks to tactical Tory voters who want to keep Labour out

4:30am: David Cameron finds out if he's kept hold of his Oxfordshire constituency Witney. In 2010 he won with a 22,740 majority

Luciana Berger, the Labour candidate in Liverpool Wavetree. Credit: ITV News.

5am: Liverpool's Riverside, Walton, Wavertree and West Derby seats to declare their results.

5am: Former SNP First Minister Alex Salmond finds out whether he has taken the Aberdeenshire seat of Gordon from the Liberal Democrats

Alex Salmond. Credit: Press Association.

6am: Has Ukip leader Nigel Farage won South Thanet? This is the time he'll hear the result

7am-12pm: Declarations from 16 seats should arrive at around 7am, with a further six seats expected to disclose their results at noon

1pm: Liberal Democrat marginal St Ives is expected to be the last to declare its results at 1pm