Mother teaches parents how to spot the signs of grooming

Credit: ITV

A mother who's daughter was sexually groomed is teaching other parents how to spot the signs. It's part of a drive across Greater Manchester by police and children's charities to stop youngsters being sexually exploited. It follows a number of high profile grooming cases in the area.

'Ann's' daughter was groomed by a gang who convinced her to leave her family home for several days.

My daughter was a really well-behaved girl, we had a fantastic mother-daughter relationship. There was nothing to suggest that she would be in any danger. My message to parents is to never be complacent about what your children are doing online or who they are meeting when they go out. My daughter was not groomed by an Asian gang, it was a combination of young people around her own age and adults that manipulated them. It can happen to anyone. If they look as if they've got a new mobile, if they look at if they've got new clothes, or they've got money, they need to be asked where have the got it from, and don't just accept what they say, treat it with a bit of doubt.


Organised by Project Phoenix, Parents’ Awareness Day will see a host of education and awareness events held right across Greater Manchester. Manchester’s Arndale Centre is hosting the central event, offering the chance to interact with smartphones and tablet computers to learn how to protect children on the web.

The city centre event will kick-off between 10am-4pm and invite parents to learn how to keep their child safe through modern technology and apps, helped by experts from Greater Manchester Police, The Children’s Society and Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation (Pace).

At 5.30pm, parents will be able to speak anonymously with a mother whose daughter was groomed by an older ‘friend.’ Through an online question and answer session at, the mother will discuss what happened to her child, the signs that something was wrong and the support she received to help them both recover. Parents can view key moments on Twitter by following @NotOkayGM, searching for the hashtag #itsnotokay or visiting