Man killed mother and sister two days after release from secure unit

John Jenkin was found naked and on all fours after the killings. Credit: Cumbria Police

The inquest has resumed into how a man with a mental illness was able to murder his mother and sister two days after being released from secure unit.

John Jenkin, 23, from Millom in Cumbria, has already admitted the manslaughter of his mother Alice McMeekin and sister Katie Jenkin, on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

Today, the inquest heard a neighbour describe hearing a dog yelping in hisgarden and he saw John Jenkin hitting it with hammer and he calledpolice.

When police arrived they found the dog dead and inside the bodies of hismother and sister.

Both women had suffered severe head injuries as a result of an attack with an axe.

The weapon was found in a bedroom.

Pc Benedict Strange and a colleague described finding Jenkinnaked and on all fours near a river bank in Millom.

The officer said he pulled toilet paper from Jenkin's mouth.

The PC then asked him what had he taken, believing he'd taken a substance and Jenkin replied: "lives".

He had taken the lives of his mother and sister.

The police office said he was clammy and sweaty and offered no resistance as they arrested him.

The inquest continues.