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Read in Full: Victorino Chua's statement

Chua said he'll fight on. Photo: Greater Manchester Police.

Here is the full statement from Victorino Chua:

“As my Counsel re-iterated to the Judge in Court yesterday during my Sentencing Hearing, my position has not changed. I continue to deny that I was the perpetrator of the insulin poisoning and prescription chart alteration offences at Stepping Hill Hospital in 2011 and 2012. Prior to my trial I spent two years on restrictive police bail followed by a year on remand in custody and have throughout consistently denied my involvement.

"After a four month trial the jury, after considering the evidence which was entirely circumstantial for a period of over three weeks, reached verdicts which, whilst I respect the jury’s integrity and good faith, are not in accordance with the truth of the matter. I am completely innocent of any wrong doing. I now face a minimum of 35 years in custody for crimes I did not commit.

"I will never cease my efforts to prove my innocence and remain confident that the justice system will ultimately prevail, not just for myself but also for the victims of these terrible crimes and their families, for whom I have every sympathy and for whom justice has not been served by this wrongful conviction.

"To that end I would call upon anyone who has information that might lead to the identification of the true perpetrator of these crimes at Stepping Hill Hospital to come forward and make contact with my solicitor, Jeremy Moore of CM Solicitors as a matter of urgency.”

– Victorino Chua, through CM Solicitors.

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