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Birkenhead MP says 'move parliament north'

The Birkenhead MP Frank Field says parliament should be moved to the north of England while the buildings at Westminster are repaired.

It'sestimated it'll cost £3bn to repair the crumbing Houses of Parliament.

Work on the buildings at Westminster earlier this year Credit: PA Images

Now Frank Field says parliament should be moved north during the work, but what buildings in the North West could be used?

Manchester Town Hall Credit: Creative Commons

Manchester Town Hall The interior of the Grade I listed Manchester Town Hall is already used as a double for Westminster in film, most notably the Margaret Thatcher biopic, The Iron Lady.

Liverpool's Three Graces Credit: PA Images

Liverpool Waterfront Liverpool's iconic waterfront certainly has the beauty and grandeur to compete with Westminster. The city's St George's Hall is also spectacular.

Bolton Town Hall's neoclassical design is impressive Credit: Creative Commons

Bolton Town Hall Bolton Town Hall's neo-classical buildings were opened in 1873 by Albert Edward, Prince of Wales.