Radio 2 music lets sleeping dogs lie

Daisy the dog prefers Radio 2

Dogs in Salford are turning their noses up at classical music in favour of pop and rock on Radio 2.

The strays found by Salford City Council's dog wardens are tucked up in warm kennels with food, water and often a radio.

Daisy and her friends at Salford kennels prefer Radio 2 music to classical stuff Credit: MEN Syndication

The wardens say they seem far more relaxed, showing a preference for Radio 2 rather than the classics.

Turn it up! Credit: MEN Syndication

Dog warden Erica Eaton said:

Erica Eaton says she tries to broaden the dogs horizons by playing classical music but they still prefer Radio 2. Credit: MEN Syndication

Erica and her colleague Will Harris post their ‘finds’ on their Dogs in Salford Facebook page – which has over 13,500 supporters – to make sure the dogs are reunited with their owners.

The Dogs in Salford Facebook page has more than 13,500 followers Credit: MEN Syndication
The dogs are kept calm in the kennels with Radio 2 Credit: MEN Syndication

The dogs whose owners are not found are taken to other homes including Leigh Cats and Dogs Home and and Rochdale Dog Rescue, from where they can be re-housed.