Charity defends controversial traveller site plan

The plan proposed by the Rossendale council, displaying the area which may be home to the traveller site off Blackburn Road. Credit: Rossendale Borough Council

Residents in the Rising Bridge area in Rossendale have been attending meetings and completing objection forms in order to lobby against plans to build a site with five pitches for travellers to live.

Rising Bridge resident Leanne Brown encouraged her neighbours to complete and return the forms via the Rising Bridge Community Facebook group.

She stated:

Other words of encouragement were voiced on the Facebook group such as, "Let's stand up Rising Bridge!" and "The more the merrier! Stick together".

The proposed area for the traveller site is just off Blackburn road, in a residential area, opposite a primary school.

The adjacent site is currently home to Baxenden Chemicals Ltd. which has been put forward as a negative aspect of the proposed area of land as hazardous chemicals may still remain on site.

As pointed out by another Rossendale resident, the plot of land which may be used to house travellers, is also home to a flock of sheep which can be seen from Google Earth.

Image capture from Google Earth depicting sheep on the proposed plot of land Credit: Google Earth

A charity representing travellers is defending the council's proposition.

The Friends, Families and Travellers group, which works to alleviate problems facing the traveller and gypsy communities, said that the council had a duty to provide for travellers.

The Friends Families and Travellers charity is defending the plan to build the traveller site in Rossendale Credit: Friends Families and Travellers

The charity believe that if this site is planned and created properly by the council it will reduce the costs associated with unauthorised and unplanned encampments built by travellers themselves.

They are in favour of building this site for the reason that the members of the traveller community moving onto the site will benefit from healthcare and education.

It is believed the council are already getting quotes from contractors to complete the work on the site.