Fire fighters join Lancashire 'First Responder' scheme

North West Ambulance has recruited Community First Responders from Lancashire Fire Service. Credit: Press Association.

The North West Ambulance Service is joining forces with Lancashire Fire Service today to launch a new First Reponder scheme for medical emergencies.

Twenty eight firefighters have been trained to support paramedics and attend serious and life threatening emergencies while ambulances are en-route.

The training involved teaching the firefighters how to recognise a cardiac arrest, how to deal with people having fits, administering oxygen and dealing with an obstructed airway.

The firefighters will be despatched to medical emergencies at the same time as ambulances and will be sent to patients if they are closer to them than the ambulance service.

The scheme will run for a six month pilot period, involving Morecambe and Ormskirk Fire Stations.

It's an extension of the Community First Responder scheme North West Ambulance Service already has in place with trained community volunteers.

Derek Cartwright, North West Ambulance Service Director of Operations, said:

Justin Johnston, Deputy Chief Fire Officer Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, said: