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Blog: The radio show tackling child sexual exploitation

My name is Nikita and I’ve moved up from Birmingham to Manchester and I ended up starting at Unity Radio station joining a group of young people and I became a part of the NGY show.

The NGY show is a group of young people made up of 6. NGY stands for ‘Next Gen Youths’ that’s when the 7 of us came together Every Monday and Wednesday.

On Monday and Wednesday we all prep for our Thursdays show, a particular subject we discuss about is ‘ how young people can stay safe in their everyday life’.

The show has helped me progress through my everyday life by understanding the nature of CSE, it’s helped me built up my confidence speaking to younger people and the older generation about the importance of CSE and gave me clarity on some of the unknown sources in CSE, that me and some other young people didn’t know about.

I think another valuable question that I get asked on weekly bases is ‘How has the show helped you?’ the show has helped me through beneficial acknowledge and also everyday skills for example, Team work, I never really had much of that, I am really independent, I preferred too work by myself in most things I do.

When I started ‘Unityradio’ I was working with all different age ranges and different sorts of people, as I started learning about CSE, I started too build up my skills within Team work, I was developing an understanding of the weakness and strengths of each member of the NGY.

I believe there are benefits of the show, it helps young people move away from problems they may be having outside of the radio show, it is also an exciting and favorable experience, and it gives young people the skills they need too progress in, this may include college, school, home and work. We also get too participate in major events and concerts, which then also helps us with experience too apply too our CV’s or things like that.

As well as creating album reviews, going too different events and music reviews, we’ve been learning about ‘Child Sexual Exploitation’ as the weeks go on and we have also created radio programs about ‘Abuse, Drugs and Alcohol, Grooming and Consent’.

As we have been learning, we have also interviewed different services and Artist about the ‘Child Sexual Exploitation Services’ e.g Georgia from brook, Ross Kemp, Tony Lloyd Police Commissioner, Dr Andrew Roland who works at NHS on the children ward at Manchester Royal Infirmary he also won a Church hill award, Burgaboy, Geko, Tinchy Stryder Gorgon City and Lady Ice ect.

So join me and the rest of the NGY family (Alanna, Michelle, Dj K, Chizza, Olivia and Wolf) This Thursday 7pm till 9pm on Unity Radio across Manchester on 92.8Fm or around the world on or your smart phone.