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Care home investigated over Great-grandmother's injuries

Gladys Millard suffered bruising to her eye and arm Photo:

Gladys Millard went into St Stephen's Nursing Home a week ago, and within two days she'd been admitted to hospital with severe bruising.

A report from the home documents that Gladys fell from bed at 1am on Sunday the 6th of September.

Sarah Kinney Credit: ITV Granada Reports

Her granddaughter Sarah Kinney said she was mortified when she went to visit her. "I didn't recognise her when I went in. It was only through her (sic) sat on the sofa crying, I realised it was my nan."

The care home operator said Gladys was seen by a doctor after the incident, who gave her the all-clear.

The story came to light after images of the injuries were posted on Facebook and were shared more than 20,000 times.

Bruising to Gladys' arm
Care home report on fall

The care home have issued a statement about the incident:

The safety and welfare of our residents is our main priority.

'We are cooperating fully with the relevant authorities into the investigation surrounding the fall and the reasons why the bed alarm did not activate despite the fact that it was operational.

'Once the investigation is complete we will be in a position to provide further details around this unfortunate incident.

'It's unfair to face trial by social media without any right to reply, however the investigation will set the record straight in reporting on the actual facts around this incident.'

– ST Stephens Care Home

Police and the care quality commission are investigating and have stressed there is no immediate safeguarding concerns for any other residents.

"We have been made aware of the possible mistreatment of an elderly resident of St Stephen's Care Home at Bispham after she was admitted to hospital with a number of injuries.

'The exact circumstances are at this time unclear and we remain in the very early stages of a joint investigation with Adult Social Care and Care Quality Commission to establish what may have happened and what further appropriate action may be taken."

– Police statement