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Stepping Hill relatives say they'll never forgive Chua

Victorino Chua serving life sentence Credit: ITV Granada

Relatives of patients who suffered at the hands of Stepping Hill Nurse Victorino Chua say they'll never forgive what he's done.

Inquests are being held in Stockport today into the deaths of ten patients.

Six of the deaths followed poisoning attacks which formed part of the prosecution against the Filipino nurse.

The deaths of a further four patients of suspected hypoglycaemic attacks happened at the same time Chua had contaminated saline drips and solutions.

Beryl Hope was poisoned by Chua Credit: ITV Granada

The family of Beryl Hope, who died after being given contaminated insulin, have released a statement.

Mrs Hope's inquest is one of the ten being heard today.

"We hope Stepping Hill and the NHS as whole have learned a valuable lesson from this serious episode.

Our feelings towards Chua will always be negative as she was in his direct care on the night she was poisoned and he intentionally caused her harm.

We can never and will never forgive him for that, or the physical pain he caused mum and emotional pain he caused to our dad, mum's five grand children, daughter in law and two sons that day. Finally we'd like to thank Greater Manchester Police for their hard work, dedication and persistence in catching and prosecuting Chua."

– Hope Family
Victorino Chua serving 25 life sentences Credit: ITV Granada

Chua, 49, is serving a life sentence with a minimum of 35 years in jail for murdering 2 patients and poisoning 20 more.

He continues to maintain that he is 'completely innocent of any wrongdoing' and his legal team is considering appealing his conviction.