Husband lists the dos and don'ts of a successful marriage

The couple married in 1963. They have two daughters and four grandchildren. Credit: PA

A retired salesman from Clitheroe has written a book of marriage tips to help hen-pecked men survive married life...but his wife insists: 'I'm not as bad as he paints me'

Anthony Blackie, 75, says his experience comes from 'long, hard' years of marriage.

Anthony Blackie, author of 'The Squashed Man who Married a Dragon' Credit: Anthony Blackie

But his wife, Vicki, insists she's the one who's had to put up with the most and was pleased with the peace and quiet while he penned the book.

His book, The Squashed Man Who Married A Dragon, includes tips such as; 'never criticise her cooking', 'say "yes" a lot' and 'give her the TV remote'.

Mrs Blackie, 69, insists her husband is exaggerating her behaviour butshe was pleased of the peace and quiet during the year it took her husband to write the book

Vicki Blackie: 'He's exaggerating' Credit: Anthony Blackie
'When you are in love you don't see the faults until it's too late.' Credit: PA

A henpecked husband's tips on survival:

  • 10 Don't shout at her when she crashes the car.