Documentary lifts the lid on forced marriage and honour crime in Greater Manchester

Forced Marriage Cops airing tomorrow night Credit: True Vision / Channel 4

A documentary about forced marriages in Greater Manchester will be aired on Channel 4 on Wednesday.

Forced Marriage Cops follows Greater Manchester Police investigating the 'hidden crime', after forcing someone to marry against their will was made illegal last year.

''The victims of this type of crime are in relationships with the perpetrators and when I say relationships, I mean close relationships, it would be fathers, brothers, extended family, community members, people that they love and trust. "So they have this dilemma of do I come forward and say something and what are the consequences for the people that I love and respect.''

Detective Chief Inspector Nicky Porter Greater Manchester Police

The production uncovers the story of 26 year old Ruhksana, seeking police protection after escaping from her father who attacked her for seeing her boyfriend.

Another victim, Sajida, was forced to marry when she was very young.

"17 years ago I was taken abroad to get married to someone I didn't know properly. I was very young at the time, I was 16.

Forced marriage victim, Sajida

The filmmakers were given access to the biggest case of forced marriage that Greater Manchester Police has encountered, with a family of 15 at risk.

Across Greater Manchester Police there have been 239 incidents of honour based abuse and forced marriage.

The majority of these incidents have been reported by women aged between 15 and 24.