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Isle of Man to hold consultation on same-sex marriage proposals


Plans to allow same sex-marriage in the Isle of Man are to go to public consultation.

The Same Sex Marriage Bill is expected to be introduced into the branches of Tynwald during the 2015-16 session.

A public consultation on the proposals will begin later this month.

Chief Minister Allan Bell MHK said the progress of new legislation would send out a strong message that the Island is a modern and inclusive nation.

Allan Bell MHK Credit: Tynwald

‘Holding a public consultation on same sex marriage marks the continuation of a 25-year journey.

'The Isle of Man has come a long way since the dark days of the 1990s and embracing this legislation would reflect our position as a progressive society that takes seriously the rights of vulnerable people and minorities.

‘I recognise that same sex marriage legislation may generate some strong and polarised views. However, I believe that values of fairness and tolerance are shared by the overwhelming majority of people in our Island.’

– Chief Minister Allan Bell MHK

Same sex marriage legislation has been implemented in England, Wales and Scotland in the past two years, while 62% of voters in Ireland expressed support for its introduction during a referendum in May.

The Chief Minister said he would be giving the Council of Ministers a free vote on the Bill.