Blog: 1D and Me

Credit: Caroline Whitmore

When you're told you're going to interview half of the worlds biggestboyband in front of a room full of other media and you have just fiveminutes with them, it's all very daunting!! Luckily I've met all fiveof the lads before (when Zayn Malik was still part of the group) inLiverpool a few years ago and knew they were nice and not a divaamongst them so that eased some of the nerves!!

This time I was interviewing them at the manchester arena ahead oftheir two night stint in the north west as part of their 'on the roadagain' tour. I was told id be interviewing Harry Styles and NialHoran up until two minutes before they entered the room then itquickly changed to Liam Payne and Harry. Last time I interviewed themthey were all in their late teens and now they're both in their early20's they seemed much more mature.

The interview went well and they were both on good form laughing andjoking and very relaxed - especially to say in less than an hours timethey'd be on stage in front of over 20,000 screaming fans. They didsay they don't get the feeling they want to puke anymore before goingon which is always a bonus!!

Soon enough my five minutes was up and I was left panicking (like I amafter most interviews!!) - had i got everything i needed for mypackage? Too late if not I suppose that's why it's always good toprepare your questions!!

A quick picture for twitter and they were escorted down the line fortheir radio interviews. Not before both lads had shook my cameramanjims hand and said thank you to me. It just proves despite theirsuperstar status there's still time for manners!!!

The band have a new album 'Made in the A.M' out on the 13th Novemberand will take a well deserved rest next March for a while.