Lancashire puppy rescued by firefighters after getting its head stuck in a wall

A playful puppy who got stuck in a wall of her owner's house after chewing through from the outside has been rescued by firefighters.

Scrunch the pup, from Leyland in Lancashire, got into some serious mischief while chewing her way through a washing machine outlet pipe.

When owner Maria Birtle arrived back home she was given quite a shock to find her pet trapped and her house damaged but despite the predicament Scrunch was still happy to see her.

Credit: Lancashire Evening Post

Maria eventually had to call the fire brigade for help freeing her beloved pup. After trying different strategies to get her out of the wall, including using washing-up liquid, the firefighters were finally able to chisel away at the bricks to free her.

The Bullmastiff Ridgeback had been left in the back garden on Friday afternoon when Maria returned to work after lunch. Just a few hours later Scrunch was found in the wall.

Surveying the damage - Scrunch looks on at what she did to the wall of her house Credit: Lancashire Evening Post

Happily all's well that end well as Scrunch is expected to make a full recovery.