Rocking horse signed by Macca being auctioned for Alder Hey

Sir Paul signs rocking horse for Liverpool's Alder Hey

Paul McCartney has signed a handmade rocking horse which will be auctioned to raise funds for Liverpool's Alder Hey Children's hospital. It's modelled on Sir Paul’s own horse, Moonstar, and features a plait of hair from the horse himself.

It can be seen at The Ultimate Christmas Fair at Exhibition Centre Liverpool later this month. It will be auctioned via eBay from 19 November until 29 November.

Sir Paul's autograph is said to be the third ‘most valuable’ in the world – he's also written the famous lyric, “Rockin’ horse people eat marshmallow pies”, from Beatles hit, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

"Our new healthcare campus Alder Hey in the Park is a world-class facility that will cement our place among the top children’s health centres in the world. "This time of year is for love and laughter, but for many families across the North West, it is a reminder of the struggles they’ve faced or the heart-breaking news they’ve had to deal with.

Louise Barrett at Alder Hey Children’s Charity

Sir Paul has also placed an additional surprise inside a “secret locking chamber” that’s been built into the underside of the rocking horse.

The horse was built by acclaimed master craftsmen, the Stevenson Brothers who have also designed rocking horses for the Queen Their horses have been auctioned across the globe, raising over £1 million for various charities, with the highest bid so far sitting at £35,000.

'Rockin horse people eat marshmallow pies' from Lucy In the Sky