Find The Missing: Marcus Rigby

Marcus said he was "going away" and did not return Credit: ITV

For every birthday and every Christmas that passes, Marcus Rigby's family buy a present he does not open. In 20 years, he has not come home.

Marcus - or Marc to his loved ones - disappeared in 1995, after saying he was "going away" and would "phone in a week." The call never came.

His mother, Mary Ratcliff, last saw him on the day he vanished. Marcus asked Mary to meet him at Capernwray Bible College in Lancashire, where he lived and worked.

As she arrived, he was leaving. Mary sensed something was wrong and offered to give him a hug, but he pulled away and they parted.

Mary says she wishes every day that Marcus will come to her door Credit: ITV

Friends and loved ones have spent two decades trying to find Marcus. They are convinced he is still out there to be found.

If you think you have seen Marcus Rigby, or want to get a message home to searching relatives, call the Missing People Helpline on 116 000. The call is free and confidential.