Mystery continues to surround the identity of a man nearly a month after his body was found on the moors

The mystery man at Manchester's Piccadilly Station Credit: GMP

Mystery continues to surround the identity of a man nearly a month after his body was found on the moors.

Detectives have been left baffled by the bizarre case and, after Christmas and New Year passed without anyone reporting the man's disappearance, they were today heading to London to try to shed light on the riddle.

Fresh CCTV footage of the stranger has been released as police urge people to study the image to see if they can answer the crucial question: Who is he?

The casually-dressed man travelled by train from London to Manchester Piccadilly on December 11 and was found dead the following day on a track near Dovestone reservoir. As well as rail tickets, £130 in £10 notes was found in his pockets.

Video footage taken less than 24 hours before this man was found dead at a popular tourist destination may hold the clue to his identity.

It shows him, casually dressed, slowly walking down a flight of stairs at Piccadilly rail station.

But what happened before and after the start of his fateful journey on Friday, December 11, is still shrouded in mystery.Because, currently, he has no name and no identity. And although there are no suspicious circumstances, his death has provoked intense inquiries locally and in London.

The man's train tickets were found on his body Credit: GMP

On Friday December 11, the Metropolitan police have issued CCTV footage of him boarding a tube train at Ealing Broadway around 9am.He was wearing a heavy brown jacket, blue jumper, white long-sleeved open-necked shirt, blue corduroy trousers and polished, black slip-on shoes.

He bought a single journey ticket, costing £4.80 cash, to Euston Station.Then he paid £81.50 cash for a return rail ticket to Manchester Piccadilly. The ticket was valid for a month.He caught the 10am Virgin train to Manchester Piccadilly and arrived at 12.05pm.

At Piccadilly he initially appeared confused and is seen on cameras walking backwards and forwards between retail outlets at the station for 53 minutes.During that time, police believe he bought food at one of the outlets and then spent four minutes at an inquiry counter, leaving the station at 1.03pm by the main station approach.

The CCTV footage, released by GMP, was thought to be the beginning of his journey to Saddleworth.But, as yet, detectives have drawn a blank trying to establish his mode of transport.

They have discounted a rail journey to Greenfield - the borough's only station - after examining CCTV footage at the station.

However, around 2pm, the man, in his 70s, calls at The Clarence, Greenfield, a popular pub for tourists and walkers.

Landlord Mel Robinson, who has run the pub for 21 months, said:

At around 4.30pm, the RSPB's site manager at Dovestone, Dave O'Hara, said warden staff, driving down the Chew Reservoir private road, passed a man standing at the side of the vehicle track.

On Saturday, December 15, at 10.45am a cyclist from Chadderton discovered the man¹s body, lying on his back on the steep gradient at the side of the track.

And the mystery on Saddleworth Moor began to deepen.

Because, apart from the rail tickets, he had no identity or visible possessions in his pockets other than £130 in £10 notes. Since then, Oldham CID's Detective Sergeant John Coleman and Detective Constable Nichola Chapman, with a police team at the Metropolitan Police, have been patiently trying to piece together a jigsaw to establish the dead man¹s identity.

Meanwhile, theories abound as to why this clean-shaven man, distinguished by a prominent broken nose, should have been drawn to visit the lonely moor.

Saddleworth-based Helen Morris, a consultant in dementia, said: