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Police and bailiffs to move in to anti-fracking site near Chester

A picture posted to the Frack Off (UK) Facebook page showing police preparing to move in. Photo: Facebook: Frack Off (UK)

Police officers and bailiffs are due to move in to an anti-fracking site near to Chester to enforce eviction order issued by the High Court.

Cheshire Police said:

"Cheshire Constabulary is aware that High Court officials are attending a local protest site in Duttons Lane, Upton to carry out an eviction process.

Previously, an order of possession had been served by High Court Enforcement Officers on the site. The Enforcement Officers have now been instructed to enforce the writ on behalf of the court, and Cheshire police officers are monitoring the situation and ensuring public safety.

Over the past few weeks, police liaison officers have been speaking to the protestors. Officers have also met with local residents and residents groups listening to their concerns, and officers have worked with the local community to minimise any impact in the Upton area. Local beat officers will continue to be available throughout the operation to address any issues raised by the local community.

"Over the period that the land has been occupied by the protesters, structures, tunnels and fortifications have appeared on the site which means the eviction process may be protracted. Police are on standby should they need to intervene where necessary."

– Cheshire Police
Anti-fracking protesters gather in opposition to fracking for shale gas Credit: Facebook

The 'Upton Community Protection Camp' is on Duttons Lane.

Anti-fracking campaigners posted online messages urging other protesters to get to the site to show their support for campaign, and opposition to fracking for shale gas.