Police force rubbishes claims of a canalside killer labelled 'The Pusher'

Canalside killer claims rejected by police Credit: ITV Granada

Claims that a serial killer labelled ''The Pusher'' has been stalking victims near canals in Greater Manchester have been rubbished by detectives.

Suggestions that a canalside killer exists are made in a Channel Four documentary called ''Manchester's Serial Killer?''

Det Supt Peter Marsh, of Greater Manchester Police, says in a video made by the force(see below): ''It's definitely been fully investigated from the outset....some of these have been as a result of people being pushed and robbed. People have been arrested and prosecuted.

''There is no evidence to suggest a killer or a canal pusher is responsible. People who have climbed out or been rescued have not reported anyone leading them to the water or pushing them in.

''This is very upsetting for the families of the people who have died.

''There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever to support the story.''