An arrested man claims he was ‘brutally assaulted’ by an officer during a struggle in a police cell.

Neville Edwards, 31, who was later found guilty of biting an officer during the incident at GMP’s Longsight police station says he was elbowed and kneed by officers as they restrained him.

But he says that the force used was unjustified.

Footage of Mr Edwards being restrained in the cell was shown to a jury at Manchester Crown Court and he has now posted it on his own Facebook page.

Mr Edwards, who is believed to have mental health issues, says was arrested for allegedly being drunk and disorderly on Princess Road, Whalley Range, near his home last July.

Since the footage was released Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan said:

“Greater Manchester Police is aware of an edited version of a video that has been circulated in some media and on social media showing a prisoner being restrained by officers in a prison cell.

Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan

Greater Manchester’s Mayor and Police & Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd said:

“It is clear this footage will cause legitimate concern to the public and GMP need to provide reassurance that policing in Greater Manchester is carried out to the highest standards. "There is a strong public interest in getting to the bottom of what exactly happened here. GMP have told me there are mitigating circumstances, and clearly the individual has been convicted by a jury of biting one of the police officers during this incident. "However, it is in the interests of all those concerned that it is investigated fully, quickly and independently and I will therefore request that the Chief Constable refers this matter to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.”

Tony Lloyd