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Pro-rape campaigner Roosh V has cancelled a meeting in Manchester amid safety concerns

Pro-rape campaigner and pick up artist Roosh V Credit: MEN SYNDICATION

Pro-rape campaigner Roosh V aka Mr Valizadeh has cancelled a meeting in Manchester amid safety concerns.

The self-styled ‘anti-feminist’ and pick-up artist was due to hold 40 official gatherings across the world, including eight in cities in the UK.

Those attending the Manchester leg were due to meet in Exchange Square, outside the Sinclair’s Oyster bar on Saturday night before moving to a secret location.

However it, along with all the others, has now been scrapped by the American, who has written books advising on how best men can ‘bang’ women.

That’s despite the man who organised the Manchester event insisting that neither they nor Mr Valizadeh were advocates of rape.

In previous blogs and writings on his website Mr Valizadeh had said he believed rape should be made legal on private property.

Announcing the cancellation in a statement on his website last night Mr Valizadeh said:

“I can no longer guarantee the safety or privacy of the men who want to attend on February 6, especially since most of the meet-ups can not be made private in time.

“While I can’t stop men who want to continue meeting in private groups, there will be no official Return Of Kings meet-ups.

“The listing page has been scrubbed of all locations.

“I apologise to all the supporters who are let down by my decision.”

– Roosh V

It’s not yet known if the meeting will do ahead in an unofficial capacity. Thousands of people had earlier signed a petition urging police to block the meeting and GMP said patrols would be stepped-up in that part of the city centre.

The owners of Sinclair’s Bar also said supporters would be turned away from the pub.

However, the man co-ordinating the event insisted it was merely a social gathering for “guys with like-minded views to have a beer and talk.”

The man, who wanted to remain anonymous, said:

“The misconception about rape is caused by the BBC, especially Reggie Yates, quoting one of Roosh’s books, in which he says ‘rape should be legalised on private property’.

“That fragment of the book was taken out of context. That fragment is pure satire.

“It is just a message against the consent-related laws, which are now enabling women to retract consent in the morning after they had normal sex with a man, while being slightly inebriated from a night out in the club, just because they regret being, well, a slut.

“None of us has ever advocated pro-rape views.”

“This meeting is about reinforcing the male-only happy-hour, which basically means a number of guys with like-minded views having a beer and talking.

“It’s not about advocating rape. It never was. We are not pro-rape, we are against it, like any normal human being.

“About the people that want to protest against us, I think a considerable number of them would agree with the values the site promotes (masculinity, culture, healthy life-style, femininity in women) if it wasn’t for the media spin-off.

“On the other hand, the vast majority of them is formed by feminists, for which I have no words.”

– Event co-ordinator