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Midwife delivers best friend's baby after hospital told her she wasn't in labour

Robyn (left) and best friend Danielle with baby Ralph Credit: MEN SYNDICATION

A midwife had a very special surprise delivery - when her best friend went into labour at home.

Danielle Madden, 26, had been to hospital to be induced, but was sent home to get her bags after being told she wasn’t in labour yet.

But when she started to experience a lot of pain, her best friend, midwife Robyn Bowden, 23, called round to check on her.

Within minutes Danielle’s waters broke and Robyn immediately realised there wouldn’t be time to get to hospital so set about preparing her friend to deliver the baby in her bedroom, there and then. And the friends didn’t have long to wait, with 7lbs 6oz baby Ralph arriving just six minutes later.

Danielle with baby Ralph Credit: MEN SYNDICATION

The birth went so well that Danielle was allowed to stay at her Wardle home with fiancée Darren Platzer and their older son 16-month-old Roman, after being checked over by paramedics and another midwife.

Robyn, from Littleborough, said:

“I had my tea in the oven and I’d said I’d be back home in 10 minutes. “But then her waters broke, and I just knew from her body language that she was ready to start pushing.

“The scary part was knowing I was going to have to tell Danielle the baby was coming, as I didn’t want her to panic.

“I just said ‘Look at me, this baby is going to be born’ and away we went. It was perfect. It’s not often I get to see a birth like that because I work in a high risk unit, but it couldn’t have gone any better.”

– Robyn Bowden

Danielle’s sister Becky Hall had also called round to the house, after becoming concerned when a text message to Danielle went unanswered, and was able to help Robyn deliver the baby. Now she is considering training as a midwife. Danielle said:

“At first I was in so much pain that I just wanted to be on my own, but luckily, Robyn stayed. I’m so grateful she was there. I’m still shocked really.”

– Danielle Madden

The experience has brought Danielle and Robyn, who have been friends most of their lives, even closer together. Their dads are also best friends and Robyn is godmother to Roman, and will be to Ralph. Danielle added:

“No gift in the world is enough to show how grateful we are. “We just can’t put it into words.”

– Danielle Madden