Footage of woman as she is knocked off her bike by a van driver in Manchester

Woman is knocked off her bike Credit: MEN SYNDICATION

This is the moment a van smashes into a cyclist as it turns off a main road in Withington .

Dashcam footage shows the white vehicle stopped at lights at the junction of Wilmslow Road and Mauldeth Road.

As the signal turns green a cyclist comes into view heading straight down a cycle lane to the side of the road.

But as the female cyclist makes her way straight ahead, the van turns, crashing into the woman and her bike.

She is sent flying by the impact of the force of the collision, which happened just before 11.30am on Tuesday, Febuary 9.

After the crash the cyclist gets out, while the person filming from his vehicle – Michael Macdonald – also rushes out of his car to make sure she is OK.Luckily the cyclist is uninjured and gets up, before the van who collided reverses so she can retrieve her mangled bike.

Eyewitness Michael, a 25-year-old recruitment specialist who lives in Withington, said:

Michael records all his journeys for insurance purposes.He said:

Police confirmed that they had recorded what happened and said no injuries were reported and that the matter was dealt with by each person involved exchanging details.