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Young Liverpool woman with cerebral palsy makes video to show the Dos and Don'ts of Disability

Scenario: Waiter talks to Michelle's friend and not her Credit: Fixers

Michelle Middleton was born with cerebral palsy and is urging people not to treat those with disabilities differently with the help of young peoples' group, Fixers - a charity that encourages young people to use their past experiences to help themselves and others.

The 26-year-old from Liverpool feels that a lack of understanding about disability causes people to approach her in a way that they wouldn’t approach others.

The video looks at scenarios in which people with disabilities may feel patronised.

Michelle is prodded and patronised Credit: Fixers

Michelle said:

"I have grown up facing a lot of judgement and discrimination. I've been treated differently in a lot of ways - name calling, being left out of conversations and being asked inappropriate questions.

"It makes me feel frustrated that people can’t just get to know me as a person.

"Being singled out for something you can’t change is a very lonely and isolating feeling.

"People shouldn’t feel awkward or uncomfortable when it comes to speaking to someone who has a disability."

– Michelle Middleton

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With Fixers, Michelle has helped to create a film that uses humour to show the different ways people have reacted to her condition.

In the piece, she talks directly to camera, and offers advice about the things people should and shouldn’t do when they meet someone who has a disability.

"I love the finished film. It’s exactly how I imagined."

"I hope it will give other disabled people the confidence and self-belief to go out there and live life to the full without worrying about what others will say to them."

– Michelle Middleton

Michelle hopes to share her film with schools, colleges, universities and local charities to get her message across:

"The next time you meet someone who has a disability please remember that just because they aren’t exactly like you, it doesn’t mean they aren’t human beings,’ she adds.

"Don’t judge someone on their outer appearance."

– Michelle Middleton