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Plans for phone mast submitted in Isle of Man

Manx Telecom want to improve network coverage for customers in surrounding areas of Hilberry Road Credit: Manx Telecom

A planning application for a new phone mast in the Isle of Man has been submitted with mixed opinions.

Manx Telecom, the primary telecommunications provider on the island, submitted the plans on 21st January, after discussions with the Planning Department.

The proposed mast would be 15 meters (49.2 ft) with three antennas, located near Hillberry Water Reservoir, Hillberry Road Onchan.

Residents of Onchan, in particular those residing in the Birch Hill and Governors Hill estates, have a lack of network coverage resulting in customers of Manx Telecom experiencing difficulties.

Drop-in sessions were held in Onchan on Monday, with residents of Birch Hill and Governors Hill invited to voice their opinions.

Manx Telecom confirmed the slimline lattice structure was selected due to the design's features, which would have less of an impact on the surroundings.

The new mast would improve coverage for 2G, 3G, 4G and broadband, with technologies provided by a single set of antennas for future projects.

There were several other sites under consideration, including two areas in Governors Hill and four around Heywood Court and Hailwood Avenue. Manx Telecom concluded that the worst reception was in Governors Hill.

Members of the Isle of Man Government who disapprove of the plans so far are Rob Callister of Onchan Commisioners and David Quirk.

Mr Quirk said: ‘My main concern is a Council of Ministers report in 2009 which reviewed the impact of mobile phone masts on the Isle of Man.’

However the report concluded that no research demonstrated any biological or health effects from mobile phones or masts.

Any objections to the plans can be submitted to the Planning Department before 5pm on 19th February.

For more information, visit and click 'Planning Applications.' The application is under reference 16/00068/TEL.

Plans can be viewed online, with any objections to be submitted before 19th February Credit: IOM Government website