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Fears footage of Viola Beach bridge crash is lost

Bridge where Viola Beach were killed Credit: Aftonbladet

CCTV pictures of the band Viola Beach's last moments have been released - but it is feared moving footage has been lost.

Swedish authorities released images that were taken by a traffic camera on Saturday night around the same time a car carrying band members, Kris Leonard, 20, River Reeves, 19, Jack Dakin, 19, Tomas Lowe, 27, and manager Craig Tarry, 32, crashed through barriers and plummeted 80-foot into a canal.

The stills were published on Swedish news website Aftonbladet who say the police have not requested the footage and that it will be deleted unless they do.

"There's rolling tape, but it's not saved automatically. You can rewind the tape 24 hours and save it like that. I can confirm that that has not been done."

– Spokesperson Beisi Sundin

When the Aftonbladet journalist asked the traffic authority spokesperson why it wasn't saved considering the seriousness of the incident, he replied:

"I can not answer, but if there are no requests the footage will not be saved.

"The police cannot download any movie without us saving it and it has not been done, according to my colleague who has good insight into this."

– Spokesperson Beisi Sundin

The bridge had two sets of faulty warning lights, it has been claimed.

Shocking new evidence emerged yesterday suggesting the group were only aware of the danger they were in seconds before the crash.

According to The Sun newspaper, a pair of amber flashing signals 900 metres from the bridge - designed to warn drivers that it was being raised - were turned off.

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