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Casting agency asks for 'nobody from Liverpool'

Morrisons has distanced itself from the casting agency Credit: PA

Supermarket chain Morrisons has this morning distanced itself from a casting agency that said it wanted "nobody from Liverpool" to audition for a Morrisons advert.

Morrisons has vigorously denied that it never made such a specific request and has blamed a "third party casting agency" for the gaff.

Casting agency Casting Networks says in an advertisement on its website for extras in a Morrisons commercial:

"They should be proper working class people but not at all like the characters from Benefit Street.

And nobody from Liverpool please.

– Casting Networks

Twitter users were quick to take Morrisons to task over the incident and even spoke of boycotting the chain.

However Morrisons has said that it certainly never made the request to the agency and it is at a loss as to why they have issued such a specification.

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Granada has contacted Casting Networks for a comment.