Beth Tweddle shares pictures of her road to recovery

Beth Tweddle bouncing back after her surgery Credit: Beth Tweddle

Olympic gymnast Beth Tweddle has shared pictures of her progress towards recovery on Facebook under the hashtag #onestepatatime.

The Olympian, who is from Cheshire, sustained injuries to her neck and back when she hit a tree while training for Channel 4 reality programme The Jump.

Beth Tweddle tweets picture of herself leaving hospital Credit: Beth Tweddle

Beth was discharged from a hospital in Austria in February after undergoing surgery to fuse fractured vertebrae in her neck.

The 30-year-old was told to wear a neck brace following her surgery but is now able to begin getting back into exercise without it.

The pictures show the bronze medal winner walking in a pool and even taking to an exercise bike as her rehab progresses.