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Huge burst water main could affect 4,500 Halewood homes

The water spurted up to 70ft, dwarfing nearby houses Photo: United Utilities

A burst water main in Merseyside has created a huge 'geyser' with water spurting up to 70ft and dwarfing nearby homes.

Water has been spurting into the air since 9am this morning from a burst pipe on a building site in Bridgefield Forum, Cartbridge Lane in Halewood.

United Utilities have said that 4,500 South Liverpool homes could be left with no water or low pressure following the burst.

Those living in the surrounding area are being advised to start storing water in case the supply stops while engineers begin repairs on the pressure water main.

Credit: United Utilities

The damage was caused by a contractor for home building developers, Countryside.

"A water valve was damaged this morning at the Bridgefield Forum site, during routine preliminary works by a contractor.

"United Utilities are on site and we’re working with them to resolve this incident as quickly as possible.”

– Spokesperson for Countryside