A dad from Cheshire has created the first ever fitness equipment buying and selling app.

Unlike many entrepreneurs who get their inspiration whilst on the treadmill or at the gym, Daniel Jones came up with the idea whilst changing a nappy!

Just months after starting his online trading business WBAGE (webuyanygymequipment.com) he was juggling business calls and emails while looking after his toddler and baby, when the idea for the new app hit him:"Like most working parents I was trying to juggle a hundred things at once and it became increasingly clear how precious time is to everyone. If something can't be done quickly, it often just doesn't get done at all.

"So I came up with the idea of a super fast, easy-to-use app that people can use to sell used commercial gym equipment. As a former gym manager I know that gym owners are incredibly busy people and selling gym equipment is a notoriously time consuming and complicated process. So I've made life a whole lot easier for them. Now they can take a few pictures on their phone and, using the WBAGE app, have thousands of pounds worth of equipment up for sale in just minutes. it will revolutionise the leisure market! "

Mr Jones started Webuyanygymequipment.com just a few months ago but it is now one of the fastest growing and most successful British businesses buying and selling used gym equipment.

With twenty years experience in the leisure industry Mr Jones came up with the idea for WBAGE after spotting a problem with the market.

Mr Jones from Hartford, in Cheshire, said: "Gym owners struggled to find buyers for their used gym equipment because there was no competition in the industry and as a result too many were getting ripped off."Now using webuyanygymequipment.com they can be confident that many reliable traders will be offered their equipment. And, much like on ebay - the top bidder wins."It's created a much fairer playing field by connecting quality buyers to sellers, so everyone wins."

The www.webuyanygymequipment.com app is now available from the iphone app store - search ‘sell gym equipment’ and it can be downloaded free from today