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Three-legged missing cat reunited with family after being found 45 miles away

Three-legged Brandy the cat was reunited with her family Photo: RSPCA

A three-legged cat from Macclesfield who went missing for a month has been reunited with her family after she was found in Liverpool.

Brandy is an 11-year-old house cat who went missing suddenly five weeks ago.

The tabby, who had her leg amputated when she was two, was found in an industrial estate next to Liverpool John Lennon airport.

We could not find her anywhere in the house one day and that’s when we realised that she must have sneaked out of the house, unbeknown to any of us. It was so worrying. My daughter Leanne put something on Facebook appealing for people to help us find Brandy, but we had no luck in finding her.

I was sure that we would never see her again. Then last week, I picked up on a voicemail from the RSPCA saying that they’d found my cat - and that she was in Liverpool. I couldn’t believe it.

– Tracy Lake, Brandy's Owner

Brandy was underweight with scratches on her body when she was discovered.

She was returned to her owners thanks to her microchip.

I didn’t believe at first that she had been found alive 45 miles away. I was absolutely ecstatic though and we went to meet her at a vets.

She has had quite an adventure. We can only assume that she jumped in a van and travelled all the way to Liverpool.

– Tracy Lake, Brandy's Owner
Brandy had her leg amputated when she was two years old Credit: RSPCA

What happened to Brandy just goes to show how important microchipping your pet is as you have far greater chances of being reunited with your pet if he gets lost or stolen.

It was fantastic to be able to reunite Brandy with her worried family, and this was only possible because of her microchip.

– Derek Hampson, RSPCA Animal Collection Officer