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'The law must change' - Hillsborough families

Campaigner Margaret Aspinall demands changes in law Photo: PA

Margaret Aspinall is traveling to Westminster today to demand changes to the criminal justice system in the wake of the Hillsborough verdicts.

She's calling for reforms including allowing bereaved families the same amount of funding as the police for legal fees in cases where the force is involved.

She'll tell Parliament about the Hillsborough Family Support Group's 27 year struggle for justice. Leigh MP Andy Burnham will urge all parties to support for her campaign.

The changes they want:

  • Bereaved families should get equal funding for legal representation as the Police at inquests where the Police are involved.
  • No time limit after leaving the force that a retired officer can be investigated for misconduct. This power would apply retrospectively and could lead to sanctions such as pensions being cut for currently retired officers.
  • The Government should proceed with an inquiry into relations between Police and press as requested by Lord Leveson.
  • A ban on ‘unattributable briefings’ to the media by Police in respect of incidents under investigation. Where the corporate line of a force is being represented it should be by named individual.
  • Secure the independence of the current Independent Police Complaints Commission by preventing the hiring of former Police staff to the body’s executive; give the IPCC power to direct findings and sanctions following investigations into officers and forces.
  • The common law offence of misconduct in public office should be a criminal offence.
Andy Burnham and Margaret Aspinall call for changes to the law Credit: PA

“The 27-year struggle of the Hillsborough families exposes just how the odds are often stacked against ordinary families in their quest for truth about the loss of loved ones, with too much power is in the hands of the authorities.

– Andy Burnham MP for Leigh

Hillsborough must mark a moment of real change - when Parliament resolves to rebalance the police and criminal justice system and put more power in the hands of ordinary people to get justice. Never again should any bereaved families have to fight like the Hillsborough families have had to fight.

– Andy Burnham MP for Leigh

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