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Boy, 6, left alone at tram stop after doors closed

Evelyn Baison, grandson Rheigan and daughter Gemma Credit: MEN SYNDICATION

A six-year-old boy was left alone at a tram stop after he got separated from his mother and grandmother who were on the tram due to the doors closing ‘without warning’.

Evelyn Baison was out with her daughter Gemma and grandson Rheigan, travelling back from Bury to their homes in Eccles on Wednesday night.

Little Rheigan got left at the tram stop on his own Credit: MEN SYNDICATION

But due to a tram collision in the city centre there were major delays on the line.

The tram was stuck at Queen's Road in Cheetham Hill for more than 30 minutes. Passengers got on and off the tram while they were waiting.

Evelyn, 68, said:

We were there for such a long time so people were getting on and off to get some fresh air. Me and my daughter got back on but Rheigan was stood on the platform.

Then without any warning the doors closed shut and set off. We weren’t told to get back on the tram. It was all so rushed. I frantically kept pressing the emergency stop button and I was shouting.

I looked back and could see him running towards the tram. His little face was all red. He looked terrified.

– Evelyn Baison

She added a Metrolink worker told her to stop pressing the emergency stop button as it didn’t stop the tram.

Evelyn added:

It’s ridiculous, why would an emergency button not stop the tram. We were trying to explain what happened but they wouldn’t stop the tram.

– Evelyn Baison

The pair had to get off the tram at the next stop at Victoria and go back on a different tram.

Evelyn said:

When we got there he looked so upset. He is still upset about what happened. He told us, ‘I thought I would never see you again’. It’s heartbreaking. It’s also frightening. Anything could have happened to him.

Luckily two schoolchildren going to the Bruce Springsteen concert calmed him down. We are so grateful to them. I want to find them and thank them in person.

– Evelyn Baison

She has since put in a formal complaint to Metrolink about the incident.

She added:

The driver should have stopped or at least given us warning she was setting off. Anything could have happened to him.

– Evelyn Baison

A spokesman for Metrolink said:

We were sorry to hear of Mrs Baison’s experience. Fortunately some Metrolink staff were on the same vehicle and they were able to contact our Control Centre who monitored the Queen's Road stop via CCTV and made a public address announcement to reassure her grandson, who was then being looked after by passengers on the stop.

Our Control Centre was also able to hold the next Bury tram from Victoria in order for Mrs Baison to get on this, accompanied by our staff, and travel back up to the Queen's Road stop. Thankfully she was reunited with her grandson, just under 15 minutes later.

– A spokesman for Metrolink