Parents of terminally ill toddler fundraise for cure

Bella Morris

The family of a little girl from Chorley with an extremely rare life-limiting genetic illness are raising money to fund a doctor to research treatments.

Three year old Bella Morris suffers from a condition called 'Vanishing White Matter' which causes sufferers to lose their ability to eat, walk, see and hear. It's very rare and affects just 1 in 40 million people. Currently there is no cure.

Bella was diagnosed after she lost the use of her legs following a chest infection. Her parents Peter and Natalie said "their world just fell apart."

They're are now raising funds for a professor in Tel Aviv who is researching the condition in the hope of one day finding a cure. Dr Orna Elroy-Stein, is making faster progress but is not funded and the family are looking to help her reach a goal of £2.5 million.

Find out more about how to help or donate here.

Bella's dad Peter Morris says her future is uncertain.