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Exhibition highlights 'everyday austerity' in Manchester

'Everyday Austerity' exhibition Photo:

An exhibition has opened in Manchester highlighting the impact austerity has had on families in the city. The first hand accounts of how spending cuts have shaped everyday life have been documented through a collection of visual and audio materials, and drawings. The idea was to make it less about numbers and statistics and more about the people at the heart of the issue.

The project is the culmination of two years of research by Dr Sarah Marie Hall, in collaboration with North West artist, Stef Bradley. The event was opened by the Lord Mayor.

Credit: Stef Bradley

We need to understand that austerity is more than a social and economic condition. It is also as a very personal issue. The impacts of austerity reach far and wide, where people are affected directly and indirectly, including friends, family and acquaintances. This research, and subsequent exhibition, looks beyond the word ‘austerity’ and asks what does it look and feel like? And what impact does it have on people’s everyday practices, relationships and experiences?”

– Dr Hall

‘Six Families, Two Years, One Researcher: An Exhibition of Everyday Life in Austerity’ is on show at The University of Manchester this week.