A man from Manchester convicted of acting as a go-between for others who travelled abroad to commit acts of terror is being sentenced today.

Abdulahi Ahmed Jama Farah provided new phone numbers and passed updates between a group of men who travelled to Syria and Somalia.

He's the cousin of two sisters who fled their home in Manchester to join Islamic State.

A-level student Abdullahi Ahmed Jama Farah, 20, created a “hub of communication” at his mother’s home. He's facing jail for helping a friend go to Syria to fight jihad.

At the Old Bailey he was found guilty of preparing for terrorist acts by helping Nur Hassan, 19, also from Manchester.

Jama Farah is cousin to Zhara and Salma Halane, the teenagers who left their home in Chorlton, two years ago and are believed to have married Isis fighters.

Jama Farah, who is Danish and of Somali origin, was in communication with four other friends abroad, two of whom are believed to have been killed and another badly injured in fighting.

Jama Farah had denied the charges. His defence portrayed him as an overexcited teenager sitting in his bedroom using his computer to keep in contact with his friends and passing on phone numbers because he was concerned for their welfare.