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Is this the most expensive pint of beer in the UK?

Steve Wilson, general manager of The Bar Photo: MEN Syndication

The hefty price tag makes it one of the UK's most expensive pints.

But the ale - which is on sale at a bar in Manchester - has already sold out at £15 a pint proving we are a nation of real ale lovers.

The Un-human Cannonball was being sold at hip Chorlton bar, The Bar, on Wilbraham Road, since April. But despite the eye-watering price the beer has completely sold out and is now only available in bottles.

The pale ale, created by Huddersfield brewery Magic Rock, is only made once a year and is more likely to be supped in half pints by drinkers, costing £7.50.

Brewers describe the drink as a ‘12 per cent Triple India Pale Ale’, with its strength meaning it will pack a punch closer to wine than beer. It is made of fresh ingredients and must be drunk by this month or it be deemed out of date.

Magic Rock describe the taste of the beer as a ‘very pale and simple Golden Promise malt body designed to let the hops shine’.

The tasting notes of the drink add that it ‘takes IPA to another dimension balancing massive citric aroma, deep tropical fruit flavor and gravity defying drinkability to deliver a hop experience that is out of this world’.

Steve Wilson, general manager of The Bar, said:

Everything we had we sold. We had a 30 litre keg, we sold it all. We didn’t sell that many pints, but it sold out in the end. That particular beer, they only make it once a year. They do it early summer and it is made to be drunk by August as it uses fresh ingredients.

– Steve Wilson, general manager of The Bar

There are still bottles of Unhuman Cannonball available at The Bar, which is being offered to customers at a discounted price of £15 as it contains more than a pint.

A study of beer prices last year revealed the average cost of a pint in London is £3.79, contrasting to Hertfordshire with the cheapest pint in the UK at £3.10.

The survey, conducted by The Good Pub Guide, found a London pint costs 82p more in average.