Inspirational student gets a place at Oxford University

Lotte Gleeson battled mental health demons to gain place at Oxford Credit: Lotte Gleeson/Facebook

A teenager who battled years of chronic mental health problems that left her virtually housebound has conquered her demons to win a place at Oxford.

Straight-A student Lotte Gleeson, from Pendle in Lancashire, spent months dealing with anxiety that made studying and socialising difficult.

But after enrolling at Nelson and Colne College, the 18-year-old said she was able to develop coping techniques which have seen her pass her final exams with flying colours.

She said:

Miss Gleeson will head to Oxford next month to study physics after getting A* in maths, further maths and chemistry, and an A in physics.

And she is determined to spread the message that mental health problems should not hold students back.

She said: