'Asda staff called my son fat', mum claims

A mum has slammed Asda bosses after a staff member reportedly called her eight-year-old son "fat".

Louise Walker was shopping at the supermarket’s Living outlet at Manchester Fort Shopping Park in Cheetham Hill when an assistant apparently criticised her son Reece Stevenson for being overweight.

The pair, from Cheetwood in Salford, visited the store on a sunny day to buy a paddling pool.

Louise, 31, said Reece excitedly ran ahead onto an escalator, past a shop worker.

She said she heard the assistant - who didn’t see her - then call Reece "fat" out loud.

Louise approached the worker, who denied talking about Reece, before complaining to a supervisor.

She said head office bosses later offered her a £10 gift card by way of apology for the incident which took place on Friday July 29.

Louise said Reece, who is "sensitive’"about his weight, didn’t hear the shop assistant call him fat, but heard his mum talking to a supervisor later about it.

Heartbroken, he asked her:

Credit: PA

Louise told Manchester Evening News:

Asda said they did offer Reece a gift card to say sorry, but it was more than £10.

A spokeswoman would not comment on whether the member of staff had been disciplined, but added: